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represents The State Hermitage Museum in the UK, facilitating cultural exchange and fundraising to support a range of Hermitage projects: exhibitions in the UK and St Petersburg, study visits to the UK for Hermitage research staff, the translation of Hermitage collection catalogues into English and other projects considered appropriate by the Trustees. We also run a Friends organisation that is closely linked to the Friends of the Hermitage in St Petersburg and that organises exciting special events in the UK.

Our projects cover everything from Antiquity to the present day. Achievements in 2018 included a packed programme of events for Friends, support of exhibitions, and the start of a major publishing programme. In 2017 we bought objects for the Museum but also supported a visit by a dendrochronologist, who studied some early paintings on wood in the collection of European art. Projects for 2016 included funding the translation of two catalogues of Greek vases in the prestigious Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum series, a hugely successful fundraising Gala Banquet that helped support the Hermitage 20/21 Project.  There continue to be visits for our Friends to blockbuster exhibitions and to some less well-known sights of London. And of course we continue our Visiting Curators scheme - now in its eighteenth year.

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The Hermitage Foundation UK began life in 2003 as the Friends of the Hermitage but changed its name in 2011 to reflect our expanding aspirations.

The Hermitage Foundation UK is a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity.

Our mission statement 

To provide assistance and support to The State Hermitage Museum of St Petersburg (the Hermitage) in respect of its artistic, scientific, cultural and educational activities and such other exclusively charitable activities as the Hermitage may from time to time carry out as a museum, including the provision of financial support for the conservation, rebuilding or renovation of the Hermitage;
To educate the public in the arts and sciences, in particular by promoting and organising lectures, seminars, conferences, courses, exchanges and exhibitions in respect of the artistic, scientific, cultural and educational activities of the Hermitage and by organising tours of the Hermitage and its exhibits and collections; and such other exclusively charitable objects as the Trustees may from time to time in their absolute discretion determine.


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