4 February to 17 September 2017

A unique exhibition entitled 1917. Romanovs & Revolution. The End of Monarchy opened at the Hermitage Amsterdam in February 2017, exactly a century after the outbreak of the Russian Revolution. It included over 250 items from the collections of the State Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg, the State Archive of the Russian Federation in Moscow, and the Artillery Museum in St Petersburg. Using films, photographs, paintings, objets d’art and historical documents, the show told the gripping story of fashionable St Petersburg and the art that flourished there in the early twentieth century, of Tsar Nicholas II and his wife Alexandra, and of the explosive political and social circumstances of their reign. Visitors could see and hear how choices and decisions made by the tsar made revolution inevitable and spelled the inescapable end of the 300-year Romanov monarchy in Russia. They gained moving intimate insights into the final years of the imperial family, ending in their murder. 1917: the ultimate turning point in the history of Russia. The last tsar and the revolution, on exclusive show in Amsterdam a century after the event.
Top exhibits included items from the imperial couple’s wardrobe, portraits of the royal couple, their children’s toys and drawings, Nicholas’s Act of Abdication, works of art created during the period (Russia’s ‘Silver Age’), objects made by the celebrated firm of Fabergé objects and one of the weapons used to murder the royal family.