2015 October: Louis Vuitton Friends Event London

On 14 October a group of Hermitage Friends had immense fun at a private view of


This was the third in a series of artistic displays designed to portray the creative inspirations behind Louis Vuitton collections (this time for autumn/winter 2015), to coincide with the collection's arrival in stores. This modern and unexpected reinterpretation of a fashion show took the form of an installation, a thirteen-room journey over three floors, exploring every step in the creative process that went towards creating this season's collection – from initial product sketches, through to the experiences of the models on the day of the show.


A good time was had by all, not least Janice Sacher - our Deputy Chief Executive, who organises all the Friends events!


2015 June: Hermitage Friends are Friends Indeed

Facilitating a trip to St Petersburg by British visually impaired students

In June three A-level students from the WESC Foundation in Exeter - a specialist school for visual impairment - visited St Petersburg accompanied by their teacher Julian Davey and their carer Huw Hennessy. One of their many adventures was a free private tour of the State Hermitage Museum, arranged with the help of the Hermitage UK Foundation.

They received a warm and generous welcome from the Constantine Grot School, Russia’s oldest school for the blind, with which they hope to develop an ongoing relationship, and in a letter of thanks to St Petersburg they praised everyone who helped them get around a city not known for its accessibility to those with visual impairment or limited mobility!

Check out their report on their visit at




2015 June: Hermitage Foundation UK supports Zaha Hadid Exhibition

Summer 2015: The Hermitage UK Foundation was extremely proud to be one of the sponsors of the first retrospective of the work of Zaha Hadid to be held in Russia: Zaha Hadid at the State Hermitage Museum ( 27 June - 27 September 2015). The exhibition – 300 objects including drawings, spectacular architectural models, photographs, sculptures and design objects – highlighted Hadid’s early exploration of the Russian avant-garde and shows how its underlying principles continue to influence the work of Zaha Hadid Architects today. Each of Hadid’s projects builds on over thirty years of research in the interrelated fields of urbanism, architecture and design.

Zaha Hadid

This exhibition was part of the Hermitage 20/21 project, launched in 2007 to collect, exhibit and study the art of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The Hermitage UK Foundation has been a leading force behind the 20/21 project since its inception.

Another exhibition also benefited from support from the Hermitage UK Foundation, Candida Höfer. Memory (24 June - 27 September 2015) - part of the Year of Contemporary Photography at the Hermitage. This show then moved on to Ben Brown Fine Arts in London.